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About Learn By Watch

Learn AnyTime, Anywhere in Hindi / Hinglish

Video Based Courses

Learning a topic by watching a video takes less time than reading the same topic from books. Our name Learn By Watch is based on this idea. Hence, our courses are video based.

Use of Hindi language

Research proves that learners learn better in their mother tongue. So, We decided to teach a student in his / her local language. Videos of our courses are recorded in Hindi or Hinglish language.

Active Learning Strategies

We also use appropriate graphics, real-life examples, and demos to make the concept or procedure clear to a student. Our courses are created by experienced teachers. Each course is a mix of videos and activities. After completing a course you also receive a certificate that shows your knowledge.

How we do it?

We contact with the teacher who is expert in the subject and has enough teaching experience for the subject. We then provide them the training to create video tutorials. Once we get the videos, our editing team edit the videos and add appropriate graphics/animation into it. We also encourage the teacher to create videos on the questions that are asked in the examination in previous years. Finally, we add those videos to our courses.

About the Founder

Dr. Yogendra Pal is the founder of this website. He holds Ph.D. in educational technology from IIT Bombay. The topic of his research was “how to teach Hindi medium students so they not only learn the subject but also learn English to get the desired job”. He is now working with teachers, video editor, educational technology specialists to create the best content for Hindi medium students.

How can you learn?

You can join our courses online on our website www.learnbywatch.in. We keep releasing free videos which are available on our website www.learnbywatch.com. We maintain various YouTube channels. You can subscribe one according to your need. All our websites are mobile friendly so you will not face any problem in learning on the go on your mobile phone. We will also release an app for courses very soon.

What can you learn?

You can learn various computer software like Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc. programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, etc. engineering subjects from computer science and electronics engineering. We also help you in making electronics projects and preparing for an interview. You can visit our course page to search appropriate course for you or you can email us at info@learnbywatch.com

The Team

Many people have joined the team since its starting. Mr. Raj Kumar Thenua, Mrs. Shalu Pal, Mr. Alok Verma, Mr. Atul Pal, Mr. Saurabh Sharma, Mr. Saurabh Agarwal, Mr. Vineet Agarwal, Ms. Amrita Kulshrestha, Mr. Ravi Singh and Mrs. Jyoti Kulshreshth have joined us as subject matter expert at various times for various subjects. You might already know them from their videos. If you want to join us for the creation of videos please send us your details at info@learnbywatch.com

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