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If you have studied the communication subject then you must know all about the communication system. This course is about the communication and this course covers :
-Communication basics
-AM modulators and demodulator
-Radio transmitters and receivers
-Noise performance analysis of CW modulation
-Pulse modulation Technique

Course Curriculum

Unit 1
Introduction to Communication Details 00:06:29
Need of Modulation Details 00:08:05
Communication Channels Details 00:12:39
Need of Fourier Transform Details 00:10:53
Band Limiting Process Details 00:05:54
Properties of Fourier Transform Details 00:09:10
Concept of Modulation Details 00:10:28
Classification of Modulation Details 00:04:37
Amplitude Modulation Details 00:09:54
Single Tone Amplitude Modulation Details 00:14:58
Tutorial 1 Basics Details 00:12:29
Tutorial 2 Single Tone AM Details 00:11:40
Tutorial 3 Single Tone AM Details 00:11:17
Multi Tone AM Details 00:11:48
Tutorial 4 Multitone AM Details 00:15:00
Final Photography Quiz 00:30:00
Unit 2
AM Modulator Square Law Modulator Details 00:09:16
Demodulation of AM Square Law Demodulator Details 00:11:34
Demodulation of AM Envelope Detector Details 00:14:15
Importance of Amplitude Sensitivity Details 00:08:14
Demodulation of AM Synchronous Detector Details 00:09:13
DSB SC Modulation Details 00:11:36
Tutorial 5 DSB SC Details 00:07:58
Generation of DSBSC Balanced Modulator Details 00:04:19
Generation of DSBSC Ring Modulator Details 00:10:14
Demodulation of DSB SC Synchronous Detector Details 00:06:36
Quadrature Carrier Multiplexing QAM Details 00:08:52
Demodulation of DSB-SC Costas Receiver Details 00:11:54
SSB Modulation Details 00:10:45
Generarion of SSB Frequency Discrimination Method Details 00:11:16
Generarion of SSB Phase Discrimination Method Details 00:04:47
Demodulation of SSB Synchronous Detector Details 00:07:22
VSB Modulation Details 00:11:48
Frequency Division Multiplexing Details 00:16:22
Unit 3
Angle Modulation Details 00:10:47
General Expression of FM Signal Details 00:05:22
Narrow Band Frequency Modulation NBFM Details 00:08:32
Wide Band Frequency Modulation WBFM Details 00:12:43
Spectrum and Power of WBFM Details 00:09:08
Carson’s Rule Details 00:05:15
Tutorial 6 FM Details 00:09:24
Tutorial 7 FM Details 00:11:31
Tutorial 8 FM Details 00:00:00
Direct Method of FM Generation Hartley Oscillator Method Details 00:08:57
InDirect Method of FM Generation Armstrong Method Details 00:05:03
Demodulation of FM Slope and Balanced Slope Detector Details 00:11:19
Demodulation of FM_PLL Detector Details 00:16:53
Phase Modulation Details 00:09:44
Tutorial 9 FM Details 00:08:42
Unit 4
Radio Transmitters Introduction and Classificaton Details 00:12:00
AM Transmitter Details 00:12:00
FM Transmitter Details 00:12:00
Mixer Details 00:12:00
Receivers AM TRF Details 00:12:00
Receiver Characteristics Details 00:12:00
Superhetrodyne Receiver Details 00:12:00
Image Frequency and IRR Details 00:12:00
Tutorial 10 Receiver Details 00:12:00
FM Receiver Details 00:12:00
Pre-emphasis and De-emphasis Details 00:12:00
Unit 5
Noises Details 00:12:00
Noise in CW Modulation Systems Details 00:12:00
FOM DSB-SC Receiver Details 00:12:00
FOM AM Receiver Using Envelope Detector Details 00:12:00
FOM SSB Receiver Details 00:12:00
FOM FM Receiver Details 00:12:00
Tutorial 11 Noise Performance Details 00:12:00
Unit 6
Pulse Amplitude Modulation PAM Details 00:12:00
Pulse Width Modulation PWM Details 00:12:00
Demodulation of PWM Details 00:12:00
Pulse Position Modulation PPM Details 00:12:00
Pulse Code Modulation PCM Details 00:12:00
Sampling Theorem Details 00:12:00
Anti Alisiasing Filter Details 00:12:00
Quantization Details 00:12:00
Campanding Details 00:12:00
Noise in PCM Details 00:12:00
Signal to Quantization Noise Ratio SQNR Details 00:12:00
Time Division Multiplexing TDM Details 00:12:00
Differential Pulse Code Modulation DPCM Details 00:12:00
Delta Modulatin Details 00:12:00
Errors in Delta Modulation Details 00:12:00
Adaptive delta modulation Details 00:12:00
Line coding Details 00:12:00

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