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Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to Mobile Application Development
Introduction to Excel sheets 00:12:30
Excel Interface FREE 00:05:11
Cell Excel 00:15:10
How to use sum formula in Excel 00:09:10
How to use sumlf formula in Excel 00:12:09
How to use Average formula 00:07:24
How to use COUNT and COUNTA formula in Excel 00:05:34
How to use Averagelf formula in Excel 00:06:09
IsNumber and IsBlank formula in excel 00:04:22
MAX and MIN formula in Excel 00:06:34
ROWS and COLUMNS formula in excel 00:03:22
Transpose formula in Excel 00:04:04
Date, Time and Now formula in excel 00:08:13
If formula in Excel 00:09:21
Rank formula in Excel 00:08:18
Power and Fact formula in Excel 00:06:21
CountIf formula in Excel 00:09:00
How to use Sumifs formula in Excel 00:11:09
Final Quiz 00:10:00
How to use Auto Filter in Excel 00:07:08
How to do Data Validation in Excel 00:08:06
How to use Vlookup formula in Excel 00:08:26
How to use Hlookup formula in Excel 00:07:32
How to do Custom Data Validation in Excel 00:08:09
How to do Conditional formatting in excel (Part-1) 00:10:12
How to do Conditional Formatting in Excel (part-2) 00:08:19
How to do Conditional Formatting in Excel(part-3) 00:07:24
How to use Date with if function in Excel 00:00:05
How to use Absolute Cell references in Excel 00:00:06
How to use Text function part-1 in Excel 00:05:01
How to use Test Function part-2 in Excel 00:08:03
How to use PMT formula in Excel 00:07:27
How to use FV formula in Excel 00:07:09
How to use IPMT formula in Excel 00:07:25
How to use PPMT Formula in Excel 00:09:16
How to use Present Value in Excel 00:00:00
How to use NPER formula in Excel 00:07:12
How to use Rate Formula in Excel 00:06:16
How to use CUMIPMT formula in Excel 2010 00:06:33
How to use Upper, Lower, Proper formula in Excel 00:05:11
How to use Left, Right, Mid & Concatenate formula in Excel 00:07:19
How to use Trim, Len, Replace formula in Excel 00:05:06
How to use Countblank formula in Excel 00:03:16
How to use Hyperlink in Excel 00:05:30
How to use Auto Fill IN Excel 00:04:27
How to use IsBlank formula with If function in Excel 00:06:11
How to use CHART in Excel 00:08:13
How to use Line Chart in Excel 00:11:07
How to use Pie Chart in Excel 00:04:27
How to use Bar Chart in Excel 00:06:02
How to use Pivot Table in Excel 00:11:09
How to use Area Chart in Excel 00:05:07

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