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Course Curriculum

What is more important to you : the money or work ? 00:02:44
Are you over qualified for the job ? 00:05:43
What is your dream job ? 00:04:48
What is your work ethics and style ? 00:05:14
Do you prefer working in a team or alone ? 00:04:55
Are you willing to travel or relocate, if necessary ? 00:06:55
Are you willing to work overtime /nights /weekends ? 00:07:36
What is the biggest challenge you have faced in work ? 00:05:35
What motivates you to do your best on the job ? 00:05:30
How long would you expect to work for the company, if hired ? 00:05:38
What do you expect from the company ? 00:04:03
If you had enough money to retire now ,would you ? 00:03:03
Describe yourself in one word ? 00:05:48
What are your goals ? 00:04:15
Do you consider yourself successful ? 00:03:09
What are your hobbies or interest ? 00:03:11
What are some of your achievements or accomplishments ? 00:06:54
How does this postion fit in with the career path you choose for yourself ? 00:03:11
Describe the time when your work was criticized and how you handled it ? 00:04:53
Describe a time when your workload was heavy and how you handled it ? 00:03:38
Where do you see yourself after 5 year ? 00:05:49

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