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Course Curriculum

How long would you expect to work for us ? 00:04:34
What do you expect from the company ? 00:03:53
If you had enough money to retire now , would you ? 00:02:43
Describe yourself in one word ? 00:03:58
What are your goals ? 00:04:00
Do you consider yourself successful ? 00:02:41
What are your hobbies or interests ? 00:02:46
What are some of your achievements and accomplishments ? 00:05:15
How does this position fit in with the career path you choose for yourself ? 00:02:42
Describe a time when your work was criticized and how you handled it ? 00:03:49
Where do you see yourself after 5 years ? 00:05:00
Describe a time when your workload was heavy and how you handled it ? 00:03:03
What is more important to you : the money or work ? 00:02:09
Are you over qualified for the job ? 00:04:54
what is your dream job ? 00:03:31
what are your work ethics or style ? 00:04:09
Do you prefer working in a team or alone ? 00:04:27
Are you willing to travel or relocate, if necessary ? 00:05:59
Are you willing to work overtime / nights / weekends ? 00:05:22
what is the biggest challenge you have faced in work ? 00:05:04
what motivates you to do your best on the job ? 00:05:35

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  1. Saudi me job mili


    Maine ek interview diya, same question maine face kiya. aaj me is course ki vajah se saudi me ek achi position par hun.

  2. Got my first job :)


    Thank you so much, because of you I got selected for my first job 🙂 good luck!

  3. Rich recommendations, I got the job


    I would like to thank you very much because I got a job because of your rich recommendations and I would like to add something I got asked by one interviewer.

    Why are you so special and different from other job seekers?
    He said all of them has the same answer sometimes but you should mention the loyalty, which is one of the most important quality the job interviewers are looking for.

  4. Got selected in TCS


    With due respect,
    At first I want to say thanx a lotzzz for the video top 10 interview questions on YouTube… afte after watching the video next day morning I go went for an interview at TCS, kolkata,
    They asked me those questions that already have in dis video.. I answered properly like yours.. after 7 rounds of interview I got selected , HR offer me a good salary package. I will join as a process associate on 12th march, 2014

    With Regards,
    Satyaki Das Mahapatra


  5. Now I'm working with MNC company in good Salary


    Dear Shalupalji,
    Thanks for support with your video tutorials program question & answer.
    I’m watching videos 1 to 20 & basics interview. Before my interview then after i’m completing 5 round interview successful.
    Now I’m working with MNC company in good Salary.
    Personally thank to Shalumadam & your team.

    Nisarg Patel


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