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Drupal is a content management system, it helps you to build websites without writing code. Drupal 7 will help you to develop your first website, it will give you confidence to create and maintain website for your own business or personal website.
During the course you will make your own website.

Course Curriculum

Course Survey Unlimited
Getting Ready
Sample H5P Question 00:00:00
Setup localhost 00:08:48
Get a domain name 00:04:20
Get a Web Server 00:03:00
Link domain name to webserver 00:00:00
Section 1: Installation
Installation on localhost FREE 00:23:00
Drupal 8 Installation on webserver 00:15:00
Remove Drupal 8 from Server 00:10:00
Install Drupal 8 in other language (Hindi) 00:09:59
Drupal 8 Interface FREE 00:07:09
Section 2: Content Basics
Create first content FREE 00:14:31
Promote Content to Front Page 00:08:09
Stick a post at the top of list on front page 00:05:19
Content Revision 00:07:47
create a custom teaser for content FREE 00:03:56
Create custom alias for content 00:05:17
Content Page in Drupal 8 00:06:56
Basic settings 00:08:09
Add contact form FREE 00:14:34
Edit Menu 00:06:42
add a new menu 00:04:55
Place menu in a theme region 00:07:03
Drupal 8 Themes Basics
Themes and its settings 00:09:10
Install custom themes FREE 00:10:44
Install subthemes 00:04:12
User Management Basics
Add a user in your Website FREE 00:07:15
Allow or disallow anonymous to create account 00:06:55
Enable or disable personal contact form 00:04:29
Roles and permissions 00:10:09
Changing user roles and account status 00:06:52
User account email settings 00:04:50
Drupal 8 Configuration Basics
Text Formats and Text Editors 00:10:30
Date and Time Formats 00:06:28
Regional Settings 00:04:51
Content Categorization Basics
Categorize Drupal 8 Content using Tags 00:09:54
Taxonomy Basics 00:08:19
Reports 00:13:19
Extending Drupal
Modules Basics 00:08:01
Book module 00:24:22
Install and Configure Forum Module 00:21:09
Aggregator Module 00:13:15
Install and Configure statistics module 00:07:02
Install a contributed module, external links 00:11:17
Uninstall a contribured module from Drupal 8 00:02:20
Remove Modules related files form Drupal 8 00:03:07
Install a Contributed Drupal Module that needs libraries 00:10:43
Add sharing buttons to Drupal 8 nodes 00:07:01
Drupal 8 Soft Skills
Find out what websites are built with 00:01:50
Know, what modules are installed on any Drupal website 00:02:10
Explore Modules to become a Drupal Expert 00:10:47
Try Drupal Modules on SimplyTest.me 00:14:15
Management Basics of Drupal 8 Website
Update Drupal 8 Themes and Modules to Their Latest Version 00:05:41
Take a backup of Drupal 8 Website 00:00:00
Update Drupal 8 Core 00:00:00

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