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Course Curriculum

Content Types, What? and Why? 00:07:32
Working with Drupal 8 Core Fields
Create a new Content Type 00:12:01
Add a new Field to a Content Type 00:13:10
Add a Plain Text in a Content Type 00:04:48
Add a List Text Field 00:04:02
Add and Format Date field 00:06:24
Add Taxonomy Terms 00:10:58
Content Type Display Settings
Edit Form Display Settings 00:08:14
Content Type Display Settings 00:10:03
Working with Custom Fields
Add a Duration Field 00:08:25
Add Country Field 00:09:06
Apply your knowledge 00:00:00
Add photos field in movie content type 00:06:55
Add plot field to movie content type part1 00:06:56
Add a video embed field to Drupal 8 content type 00:09:36
Entity Reference
Need of node reference 00:03:45
Create one more content type in Drupal 8 00:03:56
Node Reference or Content Reference in Drupal 8 00:09:53
Add a file field in Drupal 8 content type 00:07:16
User Reference in Drupal 8 00:07:19
Add comment field in Drupal 8 content type 00:09:08
Need of Paragraphs Module 00:05:54
Creating and Using Paragraphs Type 00:13:16

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