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This course will help you in setting up your own website development business. Dr. Yogendra Pal will help you in all technical aspect of starting and running your own web development business. This is the only business that you can start in free time and less investment.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to The Course
9 Reasons to start web development business FREE 00:05:02
Why this course? FREE 00:02:12
Target audience FREE 00:01:55
What will you learn from this course? FREE 00:02:14
What will you not learn from this course? FREE 00:02:03
What do you need to know to start this business? FREE 00:02:03
Investment? FREE 00:01:21
What support will you get from this course? FREE 00:01:32
Ways to Make Website Without Coding
Welcome to Second Unit 00:00:40
Is it possible to make website without coding? 00:02:08
Quiz 1 Unlimited
Content Management System 00:02:36
Generalized CMS and Specialized CMS 00:02:33
WordPress CMS 00:02:17
Drupal CMS 00:02:06
Specialized CMS 00:08:00
CMS Marketplace 00:02:31
Generalized CMS or Specialized CMS 00:03:59
Coding or CMS 00:03:22
Programming Languages for Web Development 00:06:15
End of Section 2 00:01:00
Install WordPress on Server 00:11:56
WordPress Dashboard and Interface 00:06:33
Change Title and Tagline of WordPress Website 00:02:20
WordPress Page and Page Creation 00:04:55
WordPress Post and Post Creation 00:04:39
WordPress Editor 00:12:19
WordPress Media Management 00:05:55
Set featured image in WordPress pages and posts 00:03:11
Add video in WordPress posts 00:05:02
WordPress Menu Management 00:09:11
Set FrontPage of a WordPress Website 00:04:15
Comment Management in WordPress 00:11:43
User Management in WordPress 00:07:11
WordPress Theme Search Select and Activate 00:08:12
Theme Settings of WordPress 00:14:09
Widgets Management in WordPress 00:08:56
WordPress Plugin Search and Install 00:11:20
Akishmet Anti-spam in WordPress 00:11:20
Contact Form in WordPress 00:08:10
Create Custom contact form in WordPress 00:13:14
Store contact form message to WordPress Database 00:06:57
Project: Make WebSite for a YouTube Channel
Make a Website for YouTube Channel 00:59:06
Using Page Builder in WordPress
Page Builders in WordPress 00:03:26
SiteOrigin PageBuilder 00:13:49
Installing SiteOrigin Widget Bundle 00:05:29
SiteOrigin Accordian Widget 00:07:13
SiteOrigin Button Widget 00:10:36
SiteOrigin Call to Action Widget 00:07:04
SiteOrigin Features Widget 00:11:01
SiteOrigin HeadLine Widget 00:06:43
SiteOrigin Hero Widget 00:13:33
SiteOrigin Icon Widget 00:05:04
SiteOrigin Image Widget 00:05:07
SiteOrigin Image Grid Widget 00:04:54
SiteOrigin Post Carousel Widget 00:07:17
SiteOrigin Price Table Widget 00:11:40
SiteOrigin Masonry Widget 00:06:17
SiteOrigin Slider Widget 00:09:39
SiteOrigin Social Media Buttons Widget 00:06:15
SiteOrigin Tabs Widget 00:04:34
SiteOrigin Testimonial Widget 00:10:59
SiteOrigin Video Player Widget 00:09:02
Theme Marketplace
Welcome to Section on Theme Marketplace 00:02:48
Using ThemeForest Theme Marketplace 00:09:14
Install Premium Vinero Portfolio Theme in WordPress 00:07:55
Project 1: Make a personal website
WireFraming 00:25:46
Improvement to the work done by Arvind 00:00:00
Project: Make a Medical Website
WordPress Project 1 look for inspiration 00:10:29
WordPress Project 1 Select appropriate theme 00:11:09
Introduction to SiteOrigin PageBuilder and Widget Bundle for WordPress 00:05:30
Using SiteOrigin PageBuilder prebuilt Layout in WordPress 00:07:43
Add ImageSlider using SiteOrigin PageBuilder and Widget in WordPress 00:09:04
Add SiteOrigin Features Widget in WordPress Page 00:10:46
Build your portfolio website
Make a strong portfolio
How to get clients
Don’t let your client go
Self-management and Business management
Free items worth Rs. 10,000/-
Free items of August 2018 00:00:00
Free items of July 2018 (Expired) 00:00:00
Register a Domain name 00:20:35

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